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Sprites Maridwwalk.gifMariwalkreal.gifSpiritmariwalk.gif
Gender Female
Age 15 (At time of death) "see reference"
Birthday March 1st[1]
Location SUNNY'S HOUSE (formerly)
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed Father
SUNNY Younger Brother
Relations HERO Love interest
KEL friend
AUBREY friend
BASIL Friend
BGM By Your Side.

I'll be around whenever you need me. If you're ever stuck or don't know what to do, just talk to me, and I'll try my best to help!
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MARI is a major supporting character in OMORI. She is the older sister of OMORI in HEADSPACE, and was SUNNY's older sister in the REAL WORLD. Her presence as a whole also serves as one of the major driving forces behind the game's story.



MARI is a teenage girl with long, straight hair and bangs. In HEADSPACE, she has dark hair and eyes which are stylized as purple. She wears what looks like a variation of a Japanese seifuku.

In the REAL WORLD, MARI had black hair, black eyes, and wore a purple jacket or sweater over a white dress. She wore purple shoes. Her appearance also influenced her HEADSPACE counterpart's appearance.

As a spirit, MARI looks slightly older than her HEADSPACE counterpart. Similarly to OMORI, she is completely black and white, and her eyes are black with white pupils. She also wears a long, white dress.


She's often spoken of as being kind and gentle, and plays a sisterly role in the friend group with SUNNY, HERO, KEL, AUBREY, and BASIL. Her first appearance shows she has a mischievous side, poking fun at KEL and AUBREY's mannerisms and afterwards teasing HERO. These traits are shared with her HEADSPACE counterpart.

Later in the game, it is also revealed she would pull pranks on HERO especially, such as putting bugs in his school desk. It is also shown that she was a perfectionist, spending hours at a time practicing the same piano piece over and over again.

Even after her death, her spirit form is shown to be forgiving towards SUNNY despite what he did to her. She also tries to help SUNNY forgive himself and reminds him to remember what's important. Despite knowing that her brother accidentally killed her in the past, MARI wishes for SUNNY to move on and live out his life without any regrets.



MARI with SUNNY and their parents

MARI was born on March 1st to an unnamed mother and father around 19 years before the main game. Three years later, her parents had her little brother, SUNNY. The two grew up in FARAWAY next to KEL's family. She used to play softball before suffering from a permanent knee injury.[2] She was friends with HERO and later became friends with KEL, AUBREY, and BASIL. The group would often spend time together, with a romantic relationship forming between her and HERO. MARI also had a black cat named MEWO as well.

Once, on a trip to FARAWAY PARK, SUNNY nearly drowned but was saved by MARI. Because of this incident, the group stopped going to FARAWAY PARK.

Prior to the events of the game, MARI would spent a lot of time practicing the piano and taking college prep classes. Because of this, she would spend less time with her younger brother, SUNNY. In an attempt to spend more time with his sister, SUNNY picked up violin again and the both of them would practice together often for an upcoming recital.

On the day of the recital, MARI and SUNNY had an argument that resulted in him accidentally pushing her down the stairs, killing her. In his shock, SUNNY brought her to bed. SUNNY closes in on himself, creating the beginnings of WHITE SPACE.

MARI buried away in Faraway Cemetery after her death.

BASIL, who was dropping by, came up with a plan to frame her death as a suicide. Together, they dragged her body into the backyard. BASIL utilized a jumping rope to create a noose to hang MARI’s body with, successfully staging her suicide. Stepping back into the house, both of them looked back at her corpse to see one of her eyes looking at them, traumatizing the children and haunting them in the form of SOMETHING. Though SUNNY and BASIL knew the truth, everyone else was under the impression that MARI had committed suicide.



While confronting SOMETHING, SUNNY hears MARI's voice, telling him to CALM DOWN.


When climbing up the stairs, SUNNY sees SOMETHING, who fades out to MARI's spirit when interacted with, and vanishes when SOMETHING confronts SUNNY. While facing SOMETHING, SUNNY hears MARI's voice again, this time teaching him how to FOCUS. After the house returns to normal, checking the fridge will cause the screen to briefly darken, revealing MARI's spirit behind SUNNY. When going to sleep, a faint outline of MARI's spirit can be seen.

When visiting LOST LIBRARY for the first time after defeating SWEETHEART, a brief vision of MARI's spirit can be seen walking down the stairs before vanishing away.


When SUNNY dives into the HANGOUT SPOT's lake to rescue BASIL, he finds himself inside a dark version of his house that seems to be submerged underwater. From there, he once again encounters MARI's spirit, who calmly guides him down the stairs to a STEAK KNIFE. She then disappears, and a large face appears behind SUNNY, engulfing him in darkness. When facing SOMETHING, SUNNY can hear MARI's voice encouraging him to PERSIST. Sometime after that fight, SUNNY briefly visions MARI saving him from drowning in a similar fashion to the time she saved him four years ago. After SUNNY goes to his house with KEL and HERO in the night, he can briefly see MARI's spirit in his parents' room.

In the SUNNY route, MARI later appears in HEADSPACE, appearing at first as her HEADSPACE counterpart. She asks OMORI to accompany her across NORTH LAKE to find their friends. She also encourages him to enter the water, using the same dialogue when she encouraged him to PERSIST. Before entering UNDERWATER HIGHWAY, MARI remarks that he is still scared of SOMETHING, and that it is harder to OVERCOME it. She then addresses SUNNY by name, telling him that she misses him. She then changes from her HEADSPACE form to her Spirit form and then bids farewell, exiting SUNNY's dream through a window resembling the one in the piano room of SUNNY'S HOUSE. It is left ambigious if this is actually representative of MARI's spirit who was disguised as her HEADSPACE counterpart, or is merely another figment of SUNNY's imagination to help seek closure.

Later, in the SUNNY route, SUNNY wakes up in the middle of the night after exploring BLACK SPACE. In the piano room, he finds MARI's spirit playing the piano. She then tells SUNNY that waltzes were her favorite, leading her to choose one for their recital. She then acknowledges that SUNNY didn't like how MARI practiced over and over again, and how repeated practice eventually drove SUNNY to drop the violin. She apologizes for pushing him too hard during recital practice, and asks him that since they were never able to do the recital, whether he wants to do it with her now. HERO then enters, causing MARI to vanish, and making HERO wonder about the music he heard.


After SUNNY's fight with BASIL, he wakes up in a facsimile of FARAWAY TOWN. He follows a vision of MEWO and later talks to a vision of BASIL. He soon enters his house, where MARI's spirit is playing the piano. She requests SUNNY to forgive himself for his involvement in her death, and encourages him to reveal the truth to his friends.

She then reassures SUNNY that she'll always be watching over him. MARI makes one final appearance only if SUNNY chooses to continue against OMORI during their final battle. She appears with an apparition of her old piano once SUNNY regains composure and readies himself to play his violin.

The two siblings perform their duet recital together, with SUNNY remembering the good times he's spent with MARI and his friends during his youth. At the end of their duet, MARI's spirit departs for the final time through the same window she left through at NORTH LAKE. Afterwards, SUNNY is able to overcome OMORI and accept the truth. Upon waking up in the hospital, SUNNY wakes up crying in his hospital bed, finally coming to terms with MARI's death.



SUNNY and MARI hugging.

MARI is SUNNY's older sister. Both siblings are shown to dearly love and care for one another as shown throughout many flashbacks and photos from the PHOTO ALBUM. One demonstration of this dear love was when SUNNY accidentally fell into the FARAWAY PARK lake, and almost drowned. He was saved from drowning when MARI jumped in after him, rescuing and resuscitating him. After saving her brother, MARI collapsed and sobbed out of relief that SUNNY was okay.

Nevertheless, their relationship was not without tension. As MARI grew older, she had less and less time to spend with SUNNY, as she became busy with prepping for college courses and practicing piano. In order to spend more time with her one Christmas SUNNY received a new violin and started playing violin again, with the intent to eventually play together at a recital. Unbeknownst to MARI this arrangement would eventually sour in the months leading up to the recital: the frustration of being unable to play violin perfectly overwhelmed SUNNY, and he began feeling frustrated and angry toward the commitment he made as well as MARI.

SUNNY's frustrations would eventually meet a tragic peak the day before the recital. After finding SUNNY's violin destroyed at the bottom of their house's stairs, MARI and SUNNY got in an argument. In the heat of the moment SUNNY pushed MARI down the stairs of their house, which tragically resulted in her death. This, along with the disguising of MARI's accidental death as a suicide, left SUNNY deeply depressed and paralyzed with guilt.

However, in spite of having her life accidentally taken at the hands of SUNNY, it is possible that MARI may not harbour any ill-will toward her brother. Throughout the events of the game MARI's spirit appears multiple times, telling SUNNY that she still loves him, watches over him, hopes that he will forgive himself, and find happiness.

Furthermore, MARI's spirit often offers words of consolation and comfort to both OMORI and SUNNY, encouraging him to overcome his fears and reveal the truth of her death to their friends. Over the course of the game, MARI's spirit teaches SUNNY learn how to CALM DOWN, FOCUS, PERSIST, and CHERISH. While it's possible that MARI's spirit may simply be a fragment of SUNNY's imagination, some events in the game - such as HERO hearing music coming from the piano room in SUNNY's home - imply that she may be real.


MARI and HERO together after the beach trip.

HERO was one of MARI's childhood friends and next-door neighbors. As the two were the oldest in the friend group, MARI and HERO often took responsibility over their younger siblings and friends, watching over them when they fell asleep and making sure everyone was safe. It was strongly implied that they had mutual romantic feelings for one another: MARI and HERO often spent time together and greatly cared for each other, and on a number of occasions even rested together, such as during BASIL's birthday party.[3]

This is implied further by BASIL describing the two as a "match made in heaven"[4] and by SUNNY envisioning their HEADSPACE variants as being flirtatious with each other.[5][6][7] However, it seems that the two may have never publicly considered themselves to be a couple, as none of their friends or siblings described them to be dating. Whether this was because they didn't want to make MARI's dad upset[8] or because they were simply just friends, is unknown.

Regardless of their relationship status, MARI's death was incredibly devastating for HERO. Following her death HERO became severely depressed, to the point that he stopped taking care of his basic needs and withdrew from his hobbies. HERO would remain this way for almost a year, before an emotionally charged encounter with KEL roused him from his stupor.[9] This encounter caused HERO to somewhat regain the ability to take care of himself: he began to attend school again, and also joined extracurricular activities.[10]

However, though improved from his state of severe depression and emotionally stable on the surface, HERO remains emotionally entangled with his grief over MARI's death. HERO still thinks about MARI everyday,[11] and as revealed by KEL before ONE DAY LEFT, never visited MARI's grave.[12] If SUNNY tries to visit FARAWAY CEMETERY before ONE DAY LEFT while HERO is in the party, HERO refuses to enter, telling SUNNY that he isn't ready yet.

When SUNNY leaves him alone in the piano room, he can be found quietly crying to himself. If SUNNY and his friends visit MARI's grave and leave her flowers, HERO apologizes to MARI for failing to visit her. [13] When SUNNY and his friends visit the stump of the tree where MARI was hanged, HERO tearfully implores for the group to move past the stump after acknowledging that the stump was where the tree used to be.


MARI eating a popsicle with AUBREY

AUBREY was one of MARI's childhood friends. The two were very close, with both viewing the other as the sister they never had. MARI can be seen consoling AUBREY in one of SUNNY's memories. AUBREY and MARI spent a lot of time with each other, as well as their other friends, and even wanted to dye their hair together at some point - MARI's hair purple, and AUBREY's hair pink. This hair-dyeing would not come to be, as MARI tragically died before they could do anything.

In the years following MARI's death, AUBREY changed greatly. The reaction of their friend group to MARI's death as well as the estrangement of the their friend group caused AUBREY to become deeply embittered. To AUBREY, it appeared as though none of her friends cared about MARI, as they outwardly didn't express any grief over MARI's death, and seemed to carry on without sentiment for MARI. Furthermore, none of her friends were there for her when she suffered more tragedy, such as her abandonment by her father.

Left isolated by the loss of MARI and the rest of her friends, AUBREY turned to other outlets to try and process her emotions surrounding MARI. She adopted a rebellious, angry persona and dyed her hair pink, honoring the promise that she made with MARI to dye their hair. She became acquainted with KIM, integrating into KIM's friend group and becoming the de-facto leader of THE HOOLIGANS. In order to find some peace over MARI's death, AUBREY began to regularly attend church, becoming the only member of her old friend group to regularly visit MARI's grave.

In the events of the game, AUBREY lashes out against SUNNY, HERO, and KEL for their reactions to MARI's death - SUNNY and HERO for distancing themselves from the group, and KEL for moving on too quickly. They come into conflict after its revealed she mistakenly believes BASIL vandalized his photos with marker. AUBREY took possession of his photos to safeguard her memory of MARI, later going as far as throwing away all the photos that don't include Mari. By the events of ONE DAY LEFT, she manages to reconcile with the three. When AUBREY visits the TREEHOUSE with everyone else, she takes a pinwheel and places it on the stump of the tree where MARI hanged herself to honor her memory.


BASIL was one of MARI's childhood friends, introduced to her after AUBREY invited him to join their friend group. MARI was greatly nurturing of BASIL. In addition to treating BASIL with the love and care she did the rest of the friend group, MARI purchased him his camera as well as his PHOTO ALBUM, and encouraged BASIL to pursue a hobby of photography. Both the camera and PHOTO ALBUM became highly valued treasures to BASIL, as he listened to her encouragement, using the camera to express himself and fill the PHOTO ALBUM with precious memories.

Following the tragic death of MARI at the hands of SUNNY, BASIL's relationship with MARI became complex. In order to protect SUNNY, BASIL convinced SUNNY to help him disguise MARI's death as a suicide by hanging. This act left BASIL mentally crippled, unable to handle the guilt of lying to the rest of his friends and the horrific memory of MARI's hanged corpse staring back at him.

To cope, BASIL deluded himself into believing that SUNNY was innocent of any wrongdoing, fabricating the delusion that "something else" had to be responsible for MARI's death and that his gruesome actions were done to protect an innocent SUNNY. He maintained this delusion even as the last remaining memories he had of MARI and his friends in happy times in his PHOTO ALBUM were tarnished with black marker (implied to be either by him or SUNNY), believing that whoever ruined his PHOTO ALBUM was the "something else" that killed MARI.

However, although BASIL's actions with her death and the state of his precious PHOTO ALBUM may suggest that BASIL did not truly love MARI, other actions suggest otherwise. Despite the tarnished state of his PHOTO ALBUM and no longer using his camera, he still safekept both in his bedroom. Throughout the events of the game he also expresses on multiple occasions his desire to return to a happier time when MARI was alive. Furthermore, it's possible that BASIL may have expressed his grief over MARI through white egret orchids.

In the game, potted white egret orchids can be found in only three FARAWAY TOWN locations: in BASIL'S GRANDMA'S BEDROOM, beside MARI's grave in FARAWAY CEMETERY, and beside the picnic mat at the HANGOUT SPOT. Given the meaning of the white egret orchid in the language of flowers ("my thoughts will follow you into your dreams") and BASIL's affinity with horticulture, it is possible that BASIL may have left these white egret orchids in locations he associated with his loved ones as a gesture of love.


KEL was one of MARI's childhood friends.

Although KEL and MARI's relationship is the least explored in their friend group, it can be inferred that they cared for one another. MARI acted as a loving sister figure to KEL, making sure that he and the rest of their friends stayed safe and out of trouble. They were comfortable enough that MARI could tease KEL about his height in comparison to HERO's. Furthermore, as MARI and KEL were the only known members of their friend group to participate in sports, it's possible that they may have shared an interest in sports together.

Following MARI's death, KEL - like the rest of their friends - grieved deeply. Of those in the friend group, KEL was the only one who channeled his grief into positivity. Rather than focus on the void created by MARI's loss, KEL decided to involve himself in sports and make himself a positive force in people's lives. He helped rouse HERO out of his state of crippling depression, returning HERO to a state where he could properly take care of himself. In the events of the game, KEL serves as a driving force behind the rediscovery of the TRUTH and the reunion of the friend group MARI cherished in life in the TRUE ROUTE. When the group reunites and HERO and AUBREY express grief over how much they miss MARI, KEL opts to lift their spirits by stating that MARI would be happy that their friend group is back together again.


For an in-battle description, see: the simulated version.










  • MARI is often associated with the recurring number 143 alongside SOMETHING and HELLMARI. It is noteworthy that the number 143 can mean "I love you". This also most likely refers to MARI's warmhearted love towards SUNNY, even after the hardships both siblings went through in the past.
    • This was eventually confirmed by OMOCAT in the OMORI Preorder Promo. When MARI is shown glitching onscreen after 28 seconds passes by, HELLMARI briefly appears alongside the words "I love you" and "143" before the screen fades to black.
    • This even extends to her simulated enemy variant, which has a total defense of 143.
  • In the 2014 trailer, there are a few short clips featuring an early version of MARI, indicating she was already conceptualized during the game's early stages. The closest viewed one is shown very briefly right here.
    • It is likely that this early version of MARI was named MARY. Evidence supporting this includes concept art[14] of an enemy titled "MARYONETTE" as well as the names of the SOMETHING variations such as DOROTHI originally ending in a "y".
  • In the game's files, MARI originally had more portraits of her spirit form, implying she was originally going to have a larger role, but they were scrapped except for the one where MARI bids farewell to SUNNY in NORTH LAKE.
    • In addition, the game's files refers MARI's spirit form as WS MARI, implying some sort of a connection to WHITE SPACE, evident by her briefly appearing in that area as a vision.
  • The player can encounter brief visions of MARI's spirit in the empty space around WHITE SPACE. Note that MARI's spirit will no longer be encountered in that area once all correct HANGMAN keys have been collected or a SOMETHING variant has already been encountered.
    • During the THREE DAYS LEFT segment, MARI's spirit can be encountered for only one time.
    • During the TWO DAYS LEFT segment of the SUNNY ROUTE, MARI's spirit can be encountered for eight times at most. One of them will briefly turn into SOMETHING before vanishing with an ominous noise playing in the background.
  • When she was younger, MARI would hide bugs in HERO's desk.[15]
  • MARI took flower arrangement classes with her MOM, occasionally bringing SUNNY along.[16]
  • MARI has trouble falling asleep, so she reads before bed.[17]
  • MARI and SUNNY traded beds when she realized he had trouble falling asleep.[18]
  • MARI and HERO are the same age.[15]
  • SUNNY would sleep in MARI's bed with her when he had nightmares.[19]
  • In the NORTH LAKE shore, if the player runs for too long, MARI will tell OMORI to slow down; continuing will cause her to shout at OMORI, disabling running until she leaves him.[20]
North Lake Window (Open).gif
  • The window MARI's spirit often leaves through bears a striking resemblance to the one present in the piano room of SUNNY'S HOUSE. If MARI's spirit is indeed real and not a hallucination, the window likely represents a door to the afterlife; if she is a hallucination, it may represent SUNNY's interpretation of one.
    • This may explain why MARI's spirit often appears in the piano room where the window is located.
    • At NORTH LAKE, MARI tells OMORI the last time he saw the window was at "the lake". When SUNNY fell into said lake, it was a near-death experience, as he would have drowned if not for MARI saving him. This likely references many real-world claims of seeing the afterlife during a near-death experience.
Mari transform (Unused).gif
  • There is an unused sprite of MARI's spirit transforming into SOMETHING in the game's files. It is unknown what this sprite was originally intended to be used for.
  • Unlike the other main HEADSPACE characters, MARI isn't seen getting into any sort of trouble, no matter where her picnics are set up.
    • It is later revealed by the voice in DEEPER WELL that she was confined to her picnic blanket and protected by the world itself because SUNNY couldn't bear the thought of her getting into danger and potentially dying again in his dreams.[21]
  • In his PHOTO ALBUM, BASIL states that SUNNY and MARI's recital is "next month". The photo is dated as being taken on September 22, so it can be assumed that MARI died sometime in October.
  • In the OMORI ROUTE, when facing SOMETHING IN THE WATER, MARI has an extra dialogue added, where she says that she is right there with SUNNY. This is a reference to how MARI's spirit is there in the house, as opposed to the SUNNY route, where SUNNY is trying to save BASIL from drowning at HANGOUT SPOT.
    • On TWO DAYS LEFT in the SUNNY ROUTE, HERO comment on the piano being well-taken cared of, despite the fact that neither SUNNY or his MOM had been in the PIANO ROOM recently. This encourages the idea that MARI's spirit is within the house, looking after her beloved piano.
  • Because of the ambiguity of SUNNY's perceptions being objective reality, it is up to interpretation if MARI's spirit was indeed SUNNY's hallucinations or another manifestation of his dreams or not, as only SUNNY has seen her. If so, if all visions are him truly being in contact with MARI or some are also visions or are apart his imagination.
    • However, it may be implied that it is at least not entirely true, or that her spirit at least exists in some form, as HERO says he heard someone playing music, after MARI's spirit plays the piano. Although due to HERO's former relationship with MARI, it could also be interpreted that he also is having similar hallucinations to SUNNY due to being close to MARI as well.


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