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The story and plot of OMORI revolves around a boy named SUNNY and his "alter-ego" OMORI. The game has two primary locations the story takes place in. The imaginary world of HEADSPACE is explored through OMORI and his friends at night, whereas SUNNY explores the real world via FARAWAY TOWN at daytime. There are also two routes that will ultimately determine the outcome of how the story will end.

Depending on the choices made, the main focus is that SUNNY must overcome whatever's troubling him throughout the game and move on from the past. He will also have to conquer his fears and secrets while trying to reconnect with his old childhood friends along the way.



The game opens with a short clip of BASIL comforting a crying SUNNY, asking him to promise that they'll always be there for each other. OMORI is welcomed to WHITE SPACE, where he has been living "for as long as [he] can remember." He checks his laptop, sketchbook, tissues, and black lightbulb and talks to MEWO before he hears something falling nearby. He searches until he finds a SHINY KNIFE. Going beyond the borders results in the room looping around, or the RED HANDS taking OMORI back to the center of the room. OMORI exits through the door into the NEIGHBOR'S ROOM where he meets with his friends AUBREY, KEL, and HERO playing cards.

Looking back in the keyhole of his door, SOMETHING appears in the room. The door is suddenly locked. OMORI helps AUBREY find her STUFFED TOY that KEL hid away when they got into another fight. Once that's done, HERO offers to take them to a picnic with MARI and BASIL, and everybody joins the party. The party leaves the NEIGHBOR'S ROOM out to the stump, which takes them to HEADSPACE, a large, vibrant world.

The party heads south to the FOREST PLAYGROUND where there are many colorful characters and friends, including OMORI's older sister, MARI and the group's good friend, BASIL, having a picnic. The player can see from subsequent dialogue and BASIL's PHOTO ALBUM that MARI cares a lot about OMORI, that KEL and AUBREY frequently get into petty fights, MARI and HERO flirt with each other, HERO is KEL's older brother, and that BASIL takes photos to put into his PHOTO ALBUM. The group is then forced to play hide and seek with the other kids by BERLY. When BOSS, a character banned by BERLY from the playground, takes BASIL hostage, the group fights him, learning basic battle mechanics, as well as OMORI'S ability to "not succumb" the first time he is reduced to 1 health.

The group heads south of town to BASIL'S HOUSE to see his plants, where each character's basic personality traits are described. BASIL wants to be optimistic, MARI is positive, HERO is versatile and easily liked, AUBREY is true to herself, KEL is resilient, and OMORI is plain. Additionally, the player learns more battle mechanics along the way by fighting a few SPROUT MOLES. In front of his house, BASIL takes a blurry photo of his friends. AUBREY and KEL begin arguing and shoving to see the photo, accidently pushing BASIL's photo album and his photos onto the ground.

They enter the house to organize the photos back in the album, but afterwards an extra photo of a broken violin, horrifying BASIL. BASIL, panicked, believes the photo is familiar though he doesn't remember it. A shadow builds around BASIL, and as BASIL is about to express what is happening to MARI, the photo flashes on the screen briefly, and causes OMORI to reappear in WHITE SPACE. This time, however, the door to NEIGHBOR'S ROOM is missing. He stabs himself to return to the real world.


A cutscene plays of SUNNY and BASIL holding hands while looking at photos.

In the real world, OMORI's real name is SUNNY and he lives with his mother, who is currently out in the city to prepare for moving. The house is mostly empty save for boxes as SUNNY and his mother are moving in three days. In a voicemail, she tells SUNNY that KEL has been trying to get a hold of him ever since they put their house up for sale and that he's been calling every week for the past few months. SUNNY is too hungry to sleep and tries to go downstairs to get food that his mother left.

Feeling dizzy, he goes back to sleep and wakes up sometime later. However, he begins hallucinating, envisioning an elongated staircase along with red tinted windows. As he goes down, he envisions hands reaching up on the walls and a circle of hands pointing at him, culminating when a large, realistic hand appears behind him. The hand grabs SUNNY, beginning the battle with SOMETHING IN THE DARK.

After several ineffectual attacks, SUNNY learns his first skill, CALM DOWN, from a mysterious voice, which ends the hallucination, returning the house to normal. He microwaves a steak, but it makes him ill and he returns to the bathroom to throw up. He hears someone knocking on the door. MARI answers from the other side, asking SUNNY to open the door, as she forgot her keys. Opening the door leads to a jumpscare, of a distorted figure of MARI. Regardless if he opens the door or not, he returns to bed and falls asleep.


He awakens in WHITE SPACE again, now OMORI again. He looks at his laptop, which now has HANGMAN with hints on finding KEYS, which are scattered across HEADSPACE. He hears something fall nearby and finds a HEADSPACE MAP. When he enters NEIGHBOR'S ROOM, his friends are relieved to see OMORI again and say they need to find BASIL, who has gone missing. In the playground, MARI too is relieved, but surprised that BASIL isn't with him.

HERO tells her the last thing he can remember is sorting photos at his house and the next thing he knew, he was waking up in NEIGHBOR'S ROOM with AUBREY and KEL. HERO suggests they check BASIL'S HOUSE again. When they get there, OMORI sees SOMETHING, which disappears into the flooring where a small hole has appeared. MARI then suggests they water BASIL'S plants until they find him.

They decide to look for BASIL in the VAST FOREST, the first location in HEADSPACE. However, they find nothing and decide with MARI that they should search in OTHERWORLD, which is only accessible by climbing a tall ladder. OMORI overcomes his fear of heights and the friends climb above VAST FOREST, with KEL losing HECTOR as they climb. This unlocks OTHERWORLD in the map, being the second location.


In OTHERWORLD, they meet SPACE BOYFRIEND, who has been lying in bed for a long time, due to being lovesick over SWEETHEART. They learn from the SPACE PIRATES that SPACE BOYFRIEND has a special mixtape, which is able to rouse him and make him feel better. They obtain the JUNKYARD KEY, which allows them to go to the JUNKYARD, a place in OTHERWORLD, in order to retrieve SPACE BOYFRIEND'S SPECIAL MIXTAPE.

After some searching, they meet LIFE JAM GUY, who sells them LIFE JAM, the game's revive mechanism. After more searching, they are beaten to the SPECIAL MIXTAPE by ROSA, an obnoxious SWEETHEART fan. They chase and confront a frozen ROSA, and face DOWNLOAD WINDOW. They then take the mixtape from ROSA while she is still frozen, who then promises revenge, and reveals that SWEETHEART and SPACE BOYFRIEND have broken up. After obtaining it, they go back, helping PLUTO escape from space pirates along the way. In return, he provides them with a transportation service, and teaches KEL a skill.

They return to SPACE BOYFRIEND, whose subordinate reveals playing the mixtape will have no effect if the breakup did happen. KEL, not listening, plays the mixtape anyway, which brings out SPACE BOYFRIEND'S alter ego, SPACE EX-BOYFRIEND, who is sent into a rage over SWEETHEART's poor treatment of him. This prompts a boss fight, in which they manage to defeat him and bring back CAPTAIN SPACEBOY, the calmer personality, who apologizes for his actions.


As the party leaves OTHERWORLD, OMORI sees STRANGER, which resembles BASIL'S shadow, and follows it into CATTAIL FIELD in OTHERWORLD, reliving some of SUNNY'S memories along the way. He is led to a BARN and then a long black hallway, which leads to a portrait of SUNNY'S family and sheets of music, along with a key.

Interacting with the scribbled out sheets causes the picture to become vandalized, blurring everyone's faces. Forced to leave, he is chased by SOMETHING who catches up with him, and flashes a terrified BASIL on screen. OMORI suddenly appears in WHITE SPACE, with the door to NEIGHBOR'S ROOM missing. He stabs himself so he can wake up again.



A cutscene of falling photos plays. Subsequently, a cutscene of BASIL and SUNNY facing each other is shown, with something black behind BASIL is shown reaching for him with many black tendrils. In the real world, SUNNY wakes up to hear knocking on his door. KEL says he heard from his mom that he was moving away soon and that he wanted to hang out again before he moves. Depending on the choice made, the story will diverge.


When SUNNY comes out, KEL expresses surprise that SUNNY actually came out, and suggests that they go to HOBBEEZ, a hobby shop in the FARAWAY PLAZA. Once there, KEL reveals that HERO is returning from college the next day, and decides to buy a gift, which ends up being a cookbook. On their way back, near FARAWAY PARK, they see BASIL asking for something back, in which a mystery person refuses and tells BASIL to ask the person themself. KEL confronts the person, who is revealed to be KIM. AUBREY then arrives, revealing she has become the leader of a group of minor delinquents including KIM, THE MAVERICK, VANCE, CHARLENE, and ANGEL. The subsequent dialogue reveals that SUNNY has stayed in his house for 4 years with no outside contact.

AUBREY then tells the duo that her conflict with BASIL is none of their business. KIM knocks down BASIL when he tries to talk to AUBREY, which causes KEL to confront AUBREY. AUBREY then attacks both KEL and SUNNY, but her and her friends back down when they realize SUNNY has a knife. They walk BASIL back home, and BASIL tells them that AUBREY stole his PHOTO ALBUM, so the two attempt to get it back. They try to find AUBREY'S whereabouts, and in the park, ANGEL claims to know where she is, but will only reveal it if they fight him. They fight ANGEL and CHARLENE, but regardless of the outcome, it is revealed ANGEL doesn't know.

When KEL threatens blackmail, ANGEL redirects him to THE MAVERICK. They fight THE MAVERICK as well, but he refuses to tell them on account of them calling him by his real name, MIKHAEL, and not his nickname, THE MAVERICK. They find KIM and VANCE, siblings who are thrown out of a candy store for attempting to shoplift. Despite KEL'S attempt to bribe them for AUBREY'S location with a bag of candy, they end up fighting. Again, regardless of the outcome, KEL and SUNNY learn from KIM that AUBREY is in the church, and KIM and VANCE manage to take the bag.

At the CHURCH, they get into a hushed argument with AUBREY, who tells them the PHOTO ALBUM is none of their business. The dialogue also reveals that MARI died 4 years ago, breaking apart the friend group, as well as the reason behind SUNNY'S isolation. When AUBREY gets up to leave, KEL accidentally loudly calls AUBREY a thief, making her angry. AUBREY fights them again, but regardless of the outcome, gossip from other churchgoers about AUBREY's family and history cause AUBREY to tearfully run out the church.

At her house, they witness her throwing away the PHOTO ALBUM, and retrieve it from the trash once she goes back inside. Back at BASIL's house, they meet POLLY, BASIL's caretaker. KEL and SUNNY then return the photo album and look over it with BASIL, realizing that some photos are missing. Also, the first photo in the album shows that on Christmas some time ago, SUNNY got a violin, and was taking lessons so he could play at recitals with MARI, who played the piano. KEL reassures BASIL that he is still their friend.

POLLY offers them dinner, and KEL agrees to help her cook it. While KEL and POLLY prepare the dinner, SUNNY goes to BASIL's grandmother's room, who is nearly catatonic. BASIL enters, and nervously asks how SUNNY is doing. After several unsuccessful attempts to start a conversation with SUNNY, he gives him his PHOTO ALBUM, thinking SUNNY needs it more. SUNNY and BASIL then join KEL and POLLY in eating dinner. While eating, KEL mentions that SUNNY is moving away and BASIL begins to panic. He runs to the bathroom and SUNNY follows him, in where BASIL repeats to himself that everything is going to be okay, and asks if SUNNY can see SOMETHING behind him.

The player then sees that BASIL also has a SOMETHING, which is engulfing him, and in the mirror, it can be seen that SUNNY'S own SOMETHING is behind him as well. When SUNNY attempts to leave the room, BASIL seems to panic even further but is left alone in the bathroom, sobbing after SUNNY closes the door. SUNNY then enters the living room, refusing to go back inside the bathroom. KEL thanks POLLY for the meal and the two leave. KEL drops SUNNY off at his house but, once SUNNY is inside...


SUNNY ignores the knocking and takes a nap. Upon waking up, KEL is gone, and SUNNY sweeps the house. When he is done, he feels dizzy and collapses. When he wakes up...


The house is dark and full of spiders, with the staircase being elongated once again. SUNNY then finds a steak knife in the kitchen. As he goes up the stairs, he visualizes spider legs surrounding him. At the top, he sees SOMETHING, which fades out to MARI's spirit, and then vanishes as SOMETHING IN THE WALLS suddenly descends on SUNNY. Another battle is started, with SUNNY's attacks dealing no damage.

A mysterious voice once again teaches him how to FOCUS, ending the fight, and returning the house to normal. SUNNY goes to sleep, faintly seeing MARI's spirit as he does so. A cutscene plays in which BASIL is comforting a crying SUNNY in front of a door. BASIL and the door fade away, and SUNNY lies down, now in WHITE SPACE. His shadow opens its eyes.


In WHITE SPACE, OMORI reunites with his friends when he reaches NEIGHBOR'S ROOM. Once the group visits MARI, the party decides to look for BASIL in PYREFLY FOREST, the next location in HEADSPACE. Along the way, they are attacked by a group of sprout moles, and obtain FRONT ROW SEATS.

OMORI gets over his fear of spiders, allowing the party to enter PYREFLY FOREST, and the friends continue their search for BASIL. After finding three missing track pieces, they are able to ride a minecart to the end of PYREFLY FOREST, encountering KING CRAWLER. They defeat it, allowing them to enter SPROUT MOLE VILLAGE, the next location in HEADSPACE, and obtaining SPROUT MOLE MASKS.


They go to watch a show for SWEETHEART in an auditorium, in which SWEETHEART tries to choose a suitor between three options. The third suitor, SNALEY, is killed in an energy blackout, but once it is fixed, HERO is chosen by MUSTACHE MOLE to replace him. SWEETHEART is instantly smitten by HERO, but throws the party in the dungeon once HERO refuses her marriage proposal. MUSTACHE MOLE reveals herself to be ROSA, taking her revenge. Escaping THE DUNGEON, the group finds themselves in SWEETHEART'S CASTLE, and put on their masks as a disguise. However, they are unable to exit due to a crowd near the entrance. After completing multiple tasks around the castle, the crowd clears out, and the group goes to the garden. They eventually return to the auditorium after giving a password to a guard statue.

Inside, SWEETHEART tries to marry herself, thinking only she is perfect for herself, but AUBREY intervenes, feeling that SWEETHEART has a suitor somewhere out there. SWEETHEART offers a second proposal to HERO, but HERO rejects SWEETHEART again, enraging SWEETHEART and prompting her to attack. After defeating her, CAPTAIN SPACEBOY arrives and proposes to her. A jubilant SWEETHEART accepts, and the two are married. They leave in CAPTAIN SPACEBOY's shuttle, with SWEETHEART destroying the stage on the way out.

The shadow of BASIL appears and OMORI can jump down a hole in the stage after him, entering the LOST LIBRARY alone. The LOST LIBRARY contains books recounting SUNNY'S various memories. At the end, he looks through a shelf to see the HEADSPACE version of BASIL. He turns around and the camera zooms up on his red eyes, which contain SOMETHING. Then, a key and a note that says "Don't forget, it's in the toybox." flash briefly on the screen.

OMORI wakes up again in WHITE SPACE and must stab himself to wake up in the real world.



KEL comes back knocking on the door again. SUNNY still has the option whether to come outside or remain indoors. Coming outside will resume the SUNNY ROUTE, while remaining indoors will place the player on the OMORI ROUTE.

When SUNNY comes out, KEL says that he was sent to pick up some food from the bakery and GINO'S. The two go to the bakery in OTHERMART and to GINO'S, overhearing THE HOOLIGANS eating pizza while discussing plans to go to their hangout spot. They return to KEL'S HOUSE to wait for HERO'S arrival.

POLLY then arrives at KEL's house, informing them that BASIL is missing. SUNNY and KEL go first to FARAWAY PARK, seeing BASIL there previously. They then hear BASIL'S voice crying for help between the bushes. They find the group's old HANGOUT SPOT, with THE HOOLIGANS trying to verbally force BASIL out. When KIM argues they did nothing but try to get BASIL to leave, and didn't actually harm BASIL, KEL retorts he doesn't believe her. This prompts a fight between the duo, and the rest of THE HOOLIGANS. Whether they win or lose, KEL claims that AUBREY still cares about her old friends, which is why she comes back to the HANGOUT SPOT.

The other HOOLIGANS get bored and leave, leaving AUBREY alone. AUBREY breaks down and asks why won't they leave her life. She also expresses anger that no one was there for her when MARI died. She also furiously says that BASIL is the worst, and that he shouldn't show his face to her after what he did. When BASIL tries to say something, AUBREY, in a fit of rage, accidentally shoves him into the lake. AUBREY and KEL argue, with AUBREY saying it was an accident. Meanwhile, SUNNY dives into the lake to rescue BASIL.

He hallucinates he is back in his house, except for the once again elongated staircase, and it is filled with water. MARI's spirit is standing on the stairs and leads him down. As he goes down, he imagines the shadow of kelp slowly descending on them. At the bottom, SUNNY finds a steak knife, and MARI disappears, a grotesque face then appearing below SUNNY. This begins the fight with SOMETHING IN THE WATER. SUNNY eventually learns to PERSIST from the mysterious voice, using it three times to end the fight. He envisions MARI coming to save him (while MARI was alive, she did save a drowning SUNNY in the same location once).

Once out of the water, he realizes he and BASIL were saved from drowning by HERO. SUNNY, HERO, and KEL get BASIL back to his house, leaving AUBREY behind. Once BASIL is resting, HERO explains he arrived at his house to find KEL missing. Their mom had explained KEL went to find BASIL, so HERO had gone to FARAWAY PARK. He then heard voices, and arrived in time to save SUNNY and BASIL from drowning. He expresses surprise that the girl was AUBREY, and how he didn't recognize her.

The group then goes to KEL'S HOUSE, with KEL'S MOM lamenting the food has gone cold. It is revealed that KEL has a new baby sister, SALLY. While eating dinner, the group goes through the photo album, in which HERO realizes all the missing photos had MARI in them, and must've been kept by AUBREY. HERO also proposes spending the night in SUNNY'S HOUSE. His mom gets upset that HERO is not spending time with her, which they resolve by buying her flowers from FIX-IT and HERO promising to wash dishes with her for the rest of the week. Upon arriving at SUNNY'S HOUSE, HERO plays a few notes on the piano and if interacted with afterwards, comments on how SUNNY keeps the piano clean. KEL builds a bed fort for himself and HERO, and the group falls asleep.


If SUNNY leaves his house the day prior, but remains indoors on this day, the player will be placed on the OMORI ROUTE.

SUNNY washes the dishes. He then goes to take a bath, falling asleep and hallucinating that he is back in his house, except for the once again elongated staircase, and it is filled with water. MARI's spirit is standing on the stairs and leads him down. As he goes down, he imagines the shadow of kelp slowly descending on them.

At the bottom, SUNNY finds a steak knife, and MARI disappears, a grotsque face then appearing below SUNNY. This begins the fight with SOMETHING IN THE WATER. SUNNY eventually learns to PERSIST from the mysterious voice, using it three times to end the fight. He visualizes MARI saving him from drowning in a body of water (When MARI was alive, she saved SUNNY from drowning in HANGOUT SPOT). This causes SUNNY to wake up, still in the bathtub. He goes to his bed and falls asleep again, again waking up as OMORI in HEADSPACE.



A cutscene of SUNNY lying down in WHITE SPACE is shown. It is revealed OMORI is kneeling above him. OMORI touches his head to SUNNY'S. SUNNY closes his eyes and fades away, and OMORI stands up. OMORI is automatically taken into NEIGHBOR'S ROOM, and a photo of HEADSPACE MARI, BASIL, AUBREY, KEL, and HERO is shown. OMORI wakes up in NEIGHBOR'S ROOM, and finds SOMETHING has locked him out of WHITE SPACE.

Going outside reveals his friends and all the local residents are missing, and going south of the PLAYGROUND is unavailable due to fog. It is also not possible to go east or west of the stump, as attempting to do so gives the message "A thick fog envelops the entire forest.". There is only one option, which is to go north of the stump, to NORTH LAKE, the only place not filled with fog.

If on the SUNNY ROUTE, OMORI finds MARI standing on the pier at NORTH LAKE. She expresses happiness at his presence, and reveals his friends are missing, but suggests that they may be across the water. She then asks OMORI to help her look for them, promising him that she'll keep him company. In order to alleviate OMORI's fear of drowning, she gives dialogue similar to the mystery voice that helped SUNNY learn PERSIST, implying it was her voice. OMORI then conquers his fear of drowning. The two swim across the water, passing a broken lighthouse, and several visions of the STRANGER along the way, all of which fade out upon being interacted with.

They eventually arrive at a system of docks, all of which have reminders of SUNNY'S memories. MARI then subtly expresses her knowledge of SOMETHING, mentioning he still has to overcome it. Near the end of the docks, MARI bids farewell and expresses her hopes that SUNNY is still there, addressing him by name, and not as OMORI. She then turns white, similar to the appearance of a spirit, and leaves the dream through a curtain. The curtain fades away, revealing a whirlpool that takes OMORI to a well, which takes him to UNDERWATER HIGHWAY.

If on the OMORI ROUTE, OMORI instead finds KEL at NORTH LAKE. OMORI conquers his fears of drowning, and KEL takes OMORI along a shorter route to the UNDERWATER HIGHWAY.


OMORI can then take a cab to the LAST RESORT. OMORI will then meet up with KEL for the first time since falling asleep if the player is on the SUNNY ROUTE. They also meet MARI at a picnic, who acts as if it was the first time seeing OMORI since SUNNY went to sleep. KEL mentions that MR. JAWSUM tricked all the kids into signing contracts that made them work for him, and that AUBREY is on the fifth floor, working as a receptionist.

The two find a COOL KEY CARD in a customer's room, and give BERLY a glass of bottled water to gain access to the fifth floor. AUBREY is distracted by her receptionist job and tells KEL that she's busy, but KEL breaks through by reminding her about finding BASIL. KEL proclaims in one of the phones that he and AUBREY are leaving, prompting MR. JAWSUM to summon them to his office. At his office, MR. JAWSUM points out that a contract is a promise, but AUBREY counters that they made a promise to find BASIL. Accepting their point, MR. JAWSUM allows them to leave their jobs, but is unwilling to let HERO go due to being one of his best employees, evidenced as when HERO enters and lists off many tasks he has completed.

After being reminded about BASIL, HERO agrees to leave and compares his contract to a measly piece of paper, when MR. JAWSUM attempts to use it as an argument. This angers MR. JAWSUM and prompts him to attack. After defeating him, MR. JAWSUM summons his other ultimate employee, PLUTO, and orders him to attack the party. PLUTO transforms himself into his ultimate form, and confronts the party. Defeating him will force MR. JAWSUM to let the party leave to look for BASIL, who decides to look for him along the UNDERWATER HIGHWAY, though it is revealed that the party has forgotten how BASIL looks like.


Along the UNDERWATER HIGHWAY, the group finds SWEETHEART, and learns she has divorced CAPTAIN SPACEBOY in less than a day. She then proclaims she is going to make her own suitor, and is meeting with a party who specializes in special demands that only rich people like her can afford. The group follows her into DEEPER WELL, in which many creatures can be spoken to only if OMORI is leading. Along the way, the group begins to forget about BASIL's qualities, despite remembering his name.


At the end, the group finds HUMPHREY, a large cyan whale. HUMPHREY states SWEETHEART is inside of him, and that he is home to sea witches who also feed him, and allows the party to go inside him. Inside, they find HUMPHREY has the ability to form buds of himself, and it is these buds that are populating most of his insides. They find SWEETHEART in various areas, rejecting ROBOHEART who was created by MOLLY, MUTANTHEART who was created by MARINA, and PERFECTHEART created by MEDUSA. The group also have forgotten their goal of finding BASIL here, as well as who he is.

The last room visited will give the party a SLIMY KEY CARD, which will allow them to access another area inside HUMPHREY. In this area, the SLIME GIRLS confront SWEETHEART for payment. SWEETHEART proclaims they all failed, passes the payment onto OMORI and the rest of the party, and leaves. MARINA orders HUMPHREY to stop her, which he does. HUMPHREY informs that SWEETHEART had no clams on her, and that he is getting hungry. The SLIME GIRLS ask the party to pay the fee of 1,000,000 clams, which AUBREY will refuse whether the player has the amount or not.

The SLIME GIRLS then try to take KEL away, so they can sell his body parts, but he manages to escape. The SLIME GIRLS then angrily attack the party. Defeating them will make them ponder on how to feed HUMPHREY. HUMPHREY is unable to hold back his hunger, and consumes the SLIME GIRLS. He blocks the party's path using his buds, wishing to eat them as well. The party then have to fight him, but end up in his gut. They fight HUMPHREY'S UVULA, which prompts HUMPHREY to spit them out with some KEYS, and retreats to take a nap. The group then demonstrates that they have completely forgotten about BASIL by wondering what to do.



At this point, the player has to collect all the correct keys to progress, spelling out WELCOME TO BLACK SPACE. Filling this out leads OMORI back to BASIL'S HOUSE, where all his flowers have withered and died, and inside, the crack in the floor has widened. OMORI jumps in by himself, landing in a large ocean. OMORI then swims out to land and goes through trees to find MARI'S coffin. A jumpscare then occurs, and MARI'S coffin is replaced by a black door.

The black door leads to BLACK SPACE, with a similar layout to WHITE SPACE, except for a multitude of doors and the absence of RED HANDS. Behind each door is a room (the rooms are in the same order regardless of the door selected), each of which has a key. There are 18 doors total, but only 8 keys are required to progress.

Beyond each door are disturbing thoughts and rooms, and some of the doors show facsimiles of BASIL getting killed in disturbing ways. Other rooms contain BASIL'S STRANGER, who talks to SUNNY about finding the truth, how SUNNY abandoned him, and his pain. After getting 8 keys, a red door becomes available, leading to a snowy mountain. Atop this mountain is the CHURCH OF SOMETHING, in which the real HEADSPACE BASIL is trapped by his SOMETHING. STRANGER then appears to OMORI.


STRANGER tells SUNNY it is time to face the truth, and BASIL is swallowed up by SOMETHING. Choosing to save BASIL results in OMORI and BASIL getting transported to a dark room with a glowing red door. The red doors open, and hands grab BASIL and drag him away. OMORI goes through the door, entering RED SPACE. The RED HANDS lower BASIL, upon which he begs for forgiveness. OMORI then stabs BASIL twice, and ascends a staircase, with RED HANDS filling the gaps in between. OMORI then reaches a throne of hands, which he sits upon.

SUNNY then wakes up in the middle of the night, hearing piano music. Going to the piano room yields MARI'S spirit, who is playing her half of the recital. She recounts that SUNNY didn't like the duet because he and MARI spent all their time practicing it. She apologizes to SUNNY for pushing him too hard during recital practice, saying she just wanted it to be perfect, and asks if SUNNY wants to play the duet with her now, as they never got to play it together. Just then, HERO arrives, causing MARI to disappear and leaving HERO to wonder about the piano music he heard. HERO empathizes with his pain over losing MARI with SUNNY, and tells him that he should sleep. HERO then cries at the piano over MARI, while SUNNY goes back to sleep.


STRANGER confronts OMORI and scolds him for running away from the truth. STRANGER then transports SUNNY to a dark room and confronts him, where he talks about his pain and struggle due to SUNNY'S reluctance to acknowledge the truth. He threatens to trap SUNNY there forever for abandoning him, and then brings SUNNY down to one heart, transporting him to RED SPACE, even as SUNNY is overwhelmed by guilt.

SUNNY climbs the stairs in front of him, with RED HANDS filling out gaps. SUNNY is finally overwhelmed and collapses, but OMORI descends from his throne of hands and "helps" SUNNY. He then arrives in the black room to confront the STRANGER in SUNNY's place, who has given up and tells OMORI to leave him there.

A red hand takes OMORI back to the CHURCH OF SOMETHING, where BASIL rouses him. The two climb a ladder and RED HANDS out of BLACK SPACE and into NEIGHBOR'S BEDROOM, where KEL, HERO, MARI, and AUBREY are already peacefully sleeping. BASIL and OMORI get into their respective beds, and go to sleep.



The next morning, HERO makes breakfast and finishes all of SUNNY's chores. While the group is eating breakfast, KEL goes to answer the door, and spits out his food in surprise of who's there. It is revealed to be KIM, who reveals that AUBREY won't answer her door, back door, or her window. HERO insists that they need to reconcile with AUBREY, and he convinces KEL to join them to her house. The party goes inside, and HERO talks to AUBREY to convince her and KEL to make up. HERO sees that AUBREY has kept the photos of MARI, and convinces her to put them back in the PHOTO ALBUM, where one photo is still missing. Additionally, in the last photo of the ALBUM, it is shown that SUNNY and MARI were practicing for a recital, nine months after SUNNY got his violin. After this, AUBREY reconciles with KEL, and they decide to go to BASIL'S HOUSE so AUBREY can apologize to him.

POLLY tells them that BASIL'S GRANDMOTHER was rushed to the hospital, and BASIL had went along. The group then decides to visit the TREEHOUSE in the meanwhile, where they reminisce over their memories there and find the missing photo. On the back of the missing photo is a message reading "Don't forget it's in the toybox" along with a key, which SUNNY takes. AUBREY then runs out of the TREEHOUSE, with everyone else following. AUBREY, overcome with emotion, explains she tormented BASIL because he blacked out all the photos in the PHOTO ALBUM, but regrets it now, and cries that she doesn't deserve friends like them.

HERO argues she still cared about them because she cleaned the blacked out photos, and the group engages in a hug. The dialogue reveals that MARI died on the day MARI and SUNNY were going to do their recital, and it is implied that MARI committed suicide. The party returns to BASIL'S HOUSE, where POLLY explains that BASIL went to his room and closed the door. After unsuccessful attempts at talking with him, the group decides to stay in order to be there for BASIL. One by one, they all fall asleep in the living room.


After going to sleep, SUNNY finds that unlike other days, he didn't merge with OMORI. In WHITE SPACE, OMORI wordlessly stares at SUNNY. SUNNY is able to break the black light bulb hanging from the ceiling. This takes him to a dark room, where he finally confronts SOMETHING. Over the course of the fight, he refaces all three SOMETHING variants he fought in the last few days, using the same skills to defeat them as the first time.

After defeating SOMETHING IN THE WATER, SUNNY confronts a blurred image, and needs to use CALM DOWN, FOCUS, and PERSIST to make the image clearer. After SUNNY is forced to use PERSIST, the image is revealed to be SOMETHING'S true form, MARI'S hanging body, and SUNNY takes 143 damage. SUNNY needs to use PERSIST to survive, eventually regaining access to CALM DOWN and FOCUS. SUNNY learns OVERCOME, and uses this to defeat SOMETHING.

SUNNY is then transported to a meadow, where BASIL tells him he is ready to face the truth. Going into an opening in the tree takes SUNNY through distorted versions of his house and other places, eventually returning to a distorted version of the meadow. In each version, SUNNY has to collect photos of the truth to progress.

The final photo is near a tree with a noose, and the truth is revealed: On the day of the recital, SUNNY got sick of practicing the duet over and over and MARI's scoffing at his mistakes, and threw his violin down the stairs. MARI yells at him for breaking it, but SUNNY, feeling upset that she was yelling at him although he took up the violin to spend more time with her, pushes her down the stairs in a fit of rage, killing her.

He regains control and takes MARI back to her bed, and mourns her death, disassociating as well due to strong guilt and despair. BASIL, who witnessed the incident, thought that SUNNY wasn't responsible and that "something" behind SUNNY did it. BASIL then gives the idea to stage it as a suicide to cover up her death, and SUNNY, who was disconnected due to his trauma, agreed. They stage the suicide, but witness her eye opening underneath her hair as they turn back towards her hanged body, giving birth to the hallucinations of SOMETHING.


SUNNY then wakes up, fully remembering the truth, and has the option to either save BASIL or let him suffer all alone.

  • If SUNNY doesn't save BASIL and instead goes to back to sleep, an alternative series of events will occur. Upon reawakening, SUNNY finds himself alone in the living room. He heads to the hallway, only to find his friends and POLLY in the hallway, distraught over BASIL's suicide. Opening BASIL's door reveals his corpse slumped against the wall with a large hole in his abdomen represented by SOMETHING. The only option will then be to return home.
  • If SUNNY chooses to save BASIL by confronting him in his room, he finds out that BASIL has gone psychotic, wanting to commit suicide with garden shears to escape SOMETHING. Both OMORI and BASIL's SOMETHINGS force them to fight, with a crazed BASIL promising to protect SUNNY from SOMETHING. The sheer pressure of this situation prevents SUNNY from using any of his skills, leaving him with no choice but to fight.
    • The tension mounts as SUNNY reaches his breaking point, giving way to a unique emotion called STRESSED OUT that hasn't appeared anywhere else in the game. Eventually, both boys are so severely injured that they cannot continue fighting, with BASIL having stabbed SUNNY'S right eye with his shears. SUNNY blacks out and both boys are rushed to the hospital.


SUNNY wakes up to SOMETHING beside his bed. He sorts his items. After finishing sorting, he starts to get overwhelmed by SOMETHING, which follows him everywhere. Eventually, he goes to sleep. OMORI takes control of SUNNY, "saving" him from his guilt.

If SUNNY didn't leave his house during THREE DAYS LEFT, SUNNY can optionally stab himself which ends the game early.

OMORI meets his friends from NEIGHBOR'S ROOM, recounting dialogue from the beginning of the game. The group then goes to meet MARI and BASIL, and take a group photo. After this, the group is free to explore bonus content in HEADSPACE only available in this route, with no necessity to wake up. Additionally, BASIL is also confined to the picnic blanket like MARI, preventing him from discovering the truth. OMORI can wake up by going back to WHITE SPACE and stabbing himself.



Following his fight with BASIL, SUNNY wakes up in a facsimile of his neighborhood. Near a vision of his house, he sees a facsimile of the real world BASIL apologizing for staging the suicide, realizing the consequences, and encourages SUNNY that his friends may forgive him if he tells the truth.

Inside the house, SUNNY finds MARI'S spirit playing the piano. She encourages SUNNY to forgive himself and tell the truth to his friends, and reassures him that as long as he remembers her, she'll watch over him. SUNNY will then find his broken violin and sheet music in the toybox, which takes him to MEMORY LANE, where he can visit six of his most cherished memories.

Going through all six memories slowly repairs and fixes the the broken VIOLIN. SUNNY will then arrive at BACKSTAGE, where facsimiles of the real life versions of KEL, AUBREY, and HERO encourage him to forgive himself and reveal the truth to them. He then goes to the stage and starts playing his half of the duet, but stops as he starts crying over MARI.

SUNNY is then taken to WHITE SPACE, where OMORI confronts him for control over his mind, as well as a last attempt to protect him from the truth. During this fight, SUNNY gains access to three new skills: ALLEGRO, ENCORE, and CHERISH, retaining CALM DOWN. Dialogue from OMORI during the fight implies OMORI to be a manifestation of SUNNY'S guilt and the desire to not tell his friends due to a fear of no forgiveness. It is impossible to defeat OMORI because he will not succumb each time his health pool is depleted, causing him to fully recover, and altering the battle graphics.

He eventually overwhelms SUNNY with attacks that get stronger, leading to a game over screen, as well as whether to continue or not. This special game over screen only occurs once OMORI has made SUNNY afraid (through his ERASE attack during his fifth and sixth phase).


If the player chooses to continue, this will show a cutscene of SUNNY getting back up with his violin with renewed vigor. All the options are replaced with an option to play. This will allow SUNNY to play the duet with MARI, as well as a cutscene of memories. The duet will end with a shot of MARI's coffin, as well as an image of the piano fading away. After the duet, OMORI and SUNNY will embrace. OMORI drops his knife and fades away, and a door appears in front of SUNNY. SUNNY then bows to HEADSPACE and WHITE SPACE and leaves through a door.

SUNNY will wake up in the hospital, with an eyepatch over his injured eye. He wipes tears from his eyes, coming to terms with MARI's death. In his room, there will be flowers left for him by various townspeople, most of them obtained from sidequests. In the hospital hallway, SUNNY will see a vision of headspace AUBREY, KEL, and HERO walking up, and sees the STRANGER walking down. Following the HEADSPACE kids leads to a window. SUNNY will shake his head upon interacting with it, implying he doesn't want to commit suicide. Following the STRANGER will lead to BASIL'S hospital room, where AUBREY, KEL, and HERO are. The game ends as SUNNY says "I have to tell you something."

Sunny Smile

If the player has watered BASIL's plants on TWO DAYS LEFT in HEADSPACE, an additional cutscene is added after the GOOD ENDING credits. BASIL awakens and finds SUNNY staring back at him. Both boys gaze at each other and smile as their SOMETHINGs fade away, showing that regardless of how everyone else has reacted, the burden that they have shouldered for four years has lifted and they are both ready to move on.


Bad Ending (Screenshot)

If the player chooses not to continue, this will show OMORI and SUNNY embracing. SUNNY drops his violin and fades away, and OMORI appears again in WHITE SPACE. OMORI will take the door to NEIGHBOR'S ROOM, and AUBREY, KEL, and HERO line up behind him without any dialogue. After this, the party goes up the stairs and leaves NEIGHBOR's ROOM once again.

Instead of entering VAST FOREST like normal, the scene will shift and show SUNNY standing on the hospital balcony in reality. He will shake his head if the player tries to leave the balcony area. The only way to progress is to commit suicide by jumping off the balcony, which presumably allows SUNNY to stay in HEADSPACE forever.


These endings can be reached from both routes of the game, hence them being named "NEUTRAL ENDINGS." In these endings, SUNNY isn't able to confront the truth, thus making him unable to move on from his past. BASIL kills himself in both of the NEUTRAL ENDINGS. Additionally, these endings are also the only ones that can be reached from the OMORI ROUTE.


Choosing not to enter BASIL's bedroom by immediately returning to his home and sleeping there or by going back to sleep in BASIL's house will end up with BASIL killing himself.

Basil Death (Suicide)

If SUNNY goes back to sleep in BASIL's house, he'll wake up again to find that the others found out that BASIL has killed himself. He can optionally look into BASIL's bedroom and see his corpse. The only way for the story to progress from here is for SUNNY to go home.

Once SUNNY returns home, he can optionally go into the kitchen and pick up another STEAK KNIFE before heading to bed.

If SUNNY saw BASIL's corpse, then a bloody and mutilated version of SUNNY will be shown standing atop the stairs, and entering SUNNY's room reveals a black mark over the bed.

After going to bed, SUNNY will wake up as OMORI once again in WHITE SPACE, but the door to HEADSPACE and the lightbulb will still be missing. The only way to progress is for OMORI to stab himself once again.


On the night of ONE DAY LEFT, the player is allowed to explore HEADSPACE freely and see its bonus content exclusive to the OMORI ROUTE without ever having to end the game. To end the game, OMORI simply has to return to WHITE SPACE and stab himself there.


Abandon Ending

Assuming SUNNY didn't take a knife to bed with him on the SUNNY ROUTE, or didn't stab himself on the OMORI ROUTE, he'll wake up and can find movers in his house packing up the things. He leaves the house and silently meets his mother in her car with SOMETHING closely following behind him. The car's engine starts up and drives away before the credits roll. Sirens will be blaring throughout the credits.

Knife Ending

On the SUNNY ROUTE, if SUNNY picks up another STEAK KNIFE before heading to bed, then when SUNNY stabs himself as OMORI in WHITE SPACE, he'll act it out and actually stab himself in reality whilst asleep. In the morning, SUNNY's phone will be ringing, and SUNNY is shown clutching the knife to his chest and bleeding on his bed, having seemingly died. After a while, the screen will darken and the credits will begin with the ringing sound effects continuing to play.

Sunny Stab (Day)

On the OMORI ROUTE, SUNNY can choose to stab himself anywhere and anytime in his house during ONE DAY LEFT and MOVING DAY. SUNNY will pull out his knife and stab himself in the stomach. Upon doing so, the screen will darken and the credits will roll. The sound of a phone ringing will play continuously throughout the credits, with SOMETHING's eyes swarming the screen. The story could be ended early if SUNNY stabs himself during ONE DAY LEFT.

The OMORI ROUTE's KNIFE ENDING will be rendered inaccessible if SUNNY leaves his house during THREE DAYS LEFT as KEL has confiscated his STEAK KNIFE.


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