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Sunny Neutral (No Background).gif
Sprites FASunny.gifSunny (Gino's Uniform).gifSunny Hospital Gown.gifSunny (Distorted) Walk.gif
Gender MALE
Age 16 (approximately)[1]
Birthday July 20th[2]
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
MARI Older Sister
Relations OMORI "Alter Ego"
HERO Friend
KEL Friend
BASIL Best Friend
BGM Remembrance.

This article is about SUNNY. For the titular character of the game, see OMORI.

SUNNY is the player character and silent main protagonist in OMORI. SUNNY can be controlled and named by the player during day sections, where FARAWAY TOWN can be explored.



SUNNY looks like an average teenager. He has straight, black, ear-long hair with a fringe that slightly covers his eyes. He also has arched eyebrows and eyes with the same shade of black, in contrast with his paler skin.

In the present, he wears a white-collared shirt with a blue vest over it. He wears beige shorts, white socks, and black shoes. He also appears to have grown slightly taller but not that much compared to his friends possibly due to malnutrition from spending four years as a shut-in.[3]


Throughout both his childhood and the game's events, SUNNY is extremely shy and quiet. He rarely speaks and does not like to smile.[4] However, despite not expressing it as clearly as the others, he still appears to care deeply for his friends, as his most treasured memories in MEMORY LANE and the LOST LIBRARY are of his time spent with them. BASIL describes SUNNY as a "really good listener" who does not mind listening to him vent.[5] HERO also states that SUNNY has a great memory.[6]

SUNNY appears to struggle with issues of self-confidence and self-worth. He perceives himself as weak,[7] worthless,[8] and not "good enough."[9] As the "baby of the group," he often falls back on others to take care of him but feels guilty for this as he does not believe he does anything for his friends in return.[10] While these self-worth issues existed before MARI's death, they drastically worsened afterward to the point where SUNNY may become suicidal in certain endings.

Despite being quiet, SUNNY is angered easily, from minor frustrations like the HOUSEFLIES in OTHERMART to much more significant things like his resentment toward the violin. This building resentment ultimately leads to him throwing his violin down the staircase, causing his and MARI's final argument.

SUNNY has also always had a very vivid imagination. He enjoys toys and video games and tends to get lost in daydreams, such as the RECYCULTIST'S HQ or one memory in the LOST LIBRARY.[11] However, after MARI's death, these daydreams turned into the full-out escapism of HEADSPACE as he became too afraid to face the truth.


A family photo of SUNNY, MARI, and their parents.

SUNNY was born to unnamed parents on July 20th of an unknown year, being approximately 16 years old by the beginning of the game. He had an older sister named MARI. He lived in FARAWAY since he was a child, sharing a room with his older sister.

As neighbors with KEL and HERO, SUNNY and MARI quickly became friends with them. Not too long after, they met AUBREY and BASIL and befriended them as well. BASIL's photo album shows the group being close friends: going to school together, celebrating birthdays, and building a treehouse.

SUNNY played the violin at some point but later quit. However, when MARI became very invested in playing piano, SUNNY wanted to play the violin again. His wish was granted when his friends gathered enough money to buy him a new one for Christmas.[12] SUNNY and MARI later began practicing for an upcoming recital together. However, SUNNY grew frustrated with practicing and MARI's perfectionism, wishing he could spend time with his friends instead.[13]

On the day of the recital, SUNNY reached a breaking point with his frustration and threw his violin down the staircase.[14] MARI soon saw the broken violin and began yelling at him. SUNNY was too disoriented to understand why.[9] He tried to leave by going down the staircase, but when MARI blocked his path,[15] he pushed her out of the way, causing MARI to fall down the stairs and land on top of the broken violin.

After shutting himself away, Sunny begins his continuous cycle of escapism within Headspace through Omori.

SUNNY panicked when MARI didn't answer, and after dragging her back to bed so she could "rest," broke down upon realizing that she was dead.[16] BASIL became distraught at the sight of this as well. Attempting to help SUNNY avoid blame, he guided him to tie MARI's body to a tree outside and stage her death as a suicide.

At some point following MARI's death, SUNNY stopped going to school[17] and began visiting WHITE SPACE through a black-and-white doppelgänger called OMORI. He began to cut himself off from the outside world and lost contact with his friends, refusing to leave his house at all. With the help of OMORI, SUNNY repressed his memories of the night MARI died and instead lived in the colorful world of HEADSPACE, but the truth still haunted him in the form of SOMETHING. SUNNY lived this way for four years until the game's events took place.


SUNNY wakes up after being forced to leave WHITE SPACE. While attempting to get food from the kitchen, he must conquer his fear of heights to go down the stairs, where he encounters SOMETHING IN THE DARK. During the battle, he remembers how to CALM DOWN and uses it to get past his fear. After microwaving and eating the steak in the fridge, he proceeds to get sick and throw it back up. He then hears HELLMARI knocking at the door and possibly opens the door for her (depending on the player's choice). Having enough of these horrific visions, SUNNY heads back to sleep.

SUNNY wakes up in the morning to the sound of yet another door knocking, this time the person being KEL. This is when SUNNY can choose to stay indoors, starting the OMORI ROUTE, or he can open the door for KEL and start going down either the NEUTRAL ROUTE or SUNNY ROUTE.



When deciding to open the door, SUNNY is greeted by an older KEL, who wants to hang out with him before the latter moves away. This allows SUNNY to see his old friends and become more active within his waking life. The day goes on as SUNNY and KEL learn that AUBREY stole BASIL's PHOTO ALBUM, so the two of them have to search where she went off to after a confrontation. Eventually, they find her at the CHURCH and, after a battle, she runs out and returns to her home.

Sunny looking at a mirror during his first visit to Basil's house.

As SUNNY and KEL are walking back, they notice AUBREY throwing something into the garbage; only to find out that it is the PHOTO ALBUM she stole. They soon return the album to BASIL when visiting his house. While some of the photos are missing, the three look through the album and reminisce on the memories they shared all those years ago. When SUNNY is looking around in BASIL'S GRANDMA's room, BASIL enters and gives the PHOTO ALBUM to SUNNY for him to keep.

While eating dinner with POLLY, BASIL, and KEL, KEL reveals to BASIL that SUNNY will be moving away in three days. BASIL excuses himself from the table, and when checked on, SUNNY finds that he is having a panic attack in the bathroom, with SOMETHING visible around him. BASIL comments on SOMETHING being behind SUNNY and questions why SUNNY "looks so scared." When SUNNY tries to leave, BASIL cries out to him, begging him not to leave him again. SUNNY ignores him and returns to his home.

When SUNNY returns home, he begins to hallucinate his house being overrun by spiders and spiderlike creatures. The closet door is also visible for the first time. This is where he encounters SOMETHING IN THE WALLS and remembers how to FOCUS to be able to kill the spider. He then enters his room and goes back to sleep, returning to HEADSPACE once again.


Sunny hallucinates Mari saving him from drowning once again.

On the second day, KEL comes to pick up SUNNY again, and the two of them go running an errand for when HERO returns from college. They then go to the HANGOUT SPOT and meet BASIL, who is still being bullied by THE HOOLIGANS. KEL and SUNNY have a fight with THE HOOLIGANS, after which all of them but AUBREY leave. AUBREY begins arguing with KEL, and when BASIL tries to comfort her, she pushes him away and into the lake, causing SUNNY to dive in after him and confront his fear of drowning. This is where he learns to PERSIST, but despite this, SUNNY isn't able to save BASIL or himself.

Although he blackens out for a while, SUNNY briefly envisions what appears to be MARI helping him up to the lake's surface. He soon regains consciousness and discovers that the figure who saved both him and BASIL was none other than HERO. SUNNY, KEL, and HERO decide to take BASIL back to his home to recover. When AUBREY asks why they're leaving, KEL brushes her off, and the group leaves her behind. After bringing BASIL back to his home, SUNNY, KEL, and HERO spend the rest of the afternoon hanging out together. The three eventually eat dinner together (after HERO and KEL convince their mother) and then have a sleepover at SUNNY's house.

Sunny checking his mirror after waking up at night.

SUNNY suddenly wakes up, falling out of his bed. He hears a familiar piano tune playing and heads downstairs to revisit the piano room. From there, he finds the spirit of MARI, who tells him that waltzes were always her favorite and apologizes for pushing him too hard on playing the violin.

Just as MARI asks if he wants to play their recital song together, HERO bursts into the room, wondering why SUNNY was there. Understanding that SUNNY was there due to missing MARI, he tells him he feels the same. SUNNY leaves the room, and when he looks back, he hears HERO crying and mourning MARI in the piano room. He backs away and returns to his room to fall asleep again.


On the last day, SUNNY wakes up due to OMORI killing BASIL in RED SPACE. HERO informs him that he finished doing SUNNY's chores and made breakfast for him and KEL. However, SUNNY's breakfast is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of KIM knocking on the door. KIM tells the three that AUBREY isn't coming out of her house, and the HOOLIGANS feel worried about her. HERO, along with KEL and SUNNY, agrees to help AUBREY as they all want to reunite the friend group.

Sunny, Kel, Aubrey, and Hero share a group hug together.

The party heads over to AUBREY'S HOUSE, only to find trash scattered everywhere and AUBREY'S MOM unresponsive and fixated in front of the TV. SUNNY and his friends go into AUBREY's room. AUBREY is upset with them for entering her home without permission, but HERO makes her finally talk honestly with the others about what happened and then has her make up with the others. They find the missing photos, which all picture MARI, on her corkboard, AUBREY mentioning that she took them because "it's all she has left of her." They put them back in the PHOTO ALBUM and leave the house.

SUNNY and friends spend the rest of their day hanging out while reminiscing the past at some spots in town. The group somberly stands at the stump of the tree where MARI died, wondering why she would take her own life so soon. They soon return to SUNNY's house and visit their old TREEHOUSE. Within, SUNNY uncovers the missing picture containing the TOY BOX KEY to unlock his abandoned toy box. As SUNNY solemnly remembers the good memories of his childhood, AUBREY storms out of the treehouse.

HERO and KEL follow her, with SUNNY leaving last. Near the tree stump, SUNNY and the others listen to AUBREY being open about her feelings, as she places a windmill on the stump. She apologizes for blaming them for not being there for her, with SUNNY quietly backing up upon seeing her crying. The four friends then make up and share a big group hug. The group heads to BASIL's house to have a sleepover. Despite BASIL not coming out of his room, they tell him they are there and set up in the living room. HERO, KEL, and AUBREY tell SUNNY that life will soon get better even after he moves out, as he still has them in their hearts. They all fall asleep after having a heartfelt conversation.


Sunny awakens in White Space, ready to confront the truth.

Briefly seeing BASIL being consumed by his guilt, SUNNY finds himself in WHITE SPACE, where OMORI observes him with no intention of merging as they previously did for the past four years. SUNNY pulls out the black lightbulb and smashes it on the floor, causing the room to black out, finally ending the suppression of his memories. This allows him to confront SOMETHING and the previous three variants he fought over the past few days.

He manages to overcome SOMETHING once he finally sees its true form as MARI's hanged corpse. SUNNY is then warped to a peaceful meadow, where a vision of BASIL awaits him. BASIL tells SUNNY that once he remembers the truth behind what truly happened to MARI, he has to stay strong regardless of what happens. SUNNY prepares to face the truth and re-enters BLACK SPACE as himself.

A terrified Sunny tries to stop Basil from killing them both.

SUNNY soon goes through several distorted rooms, collecting photos containing the truth behind MARI's tragic death. At the end, he puts them all together in a PHOTO ALBUM, finally remembering the truth of what happened. After fully remembering what happened that night, SUNNY wakes up and has the option to either save BASIL from his despair or let him suffer all alone. If choosing GO TO SLEEP, this will lead to one of the NEUTRAL endings of the game where BASIL kills himself.

If choosing the option to SAVE HIM, SUNNY will confront BASIL to stop him from committing suicide. The two boys fight each other, and SUNNY gets his right eye stabbed in the process. Unable to continue fighting, both teens fall unconscious and are rushed to the hospital.


Sunny refuses to give up against Omori during their final battle.

Upon falling unconscious, SUNNY has a dream where he talks to both BASIL and MARI's spirit in a facsimile of FARAWAY TOWN. After conversing with the two, SUNNY recovers his broken violin and some SHEET MUSIC in the toy box and leaves his home. He soon finds himself on MEMORY LANE, a rainy road filled with various streetlights that transport him to cherished memories he had with MARI and his friends. Each time he remembers a fond moment from six of his memories, SUNNY's violin slowly repairs itself.

After fixing his violin, SUNNY enters the BACKSTAGE of the concert hall. He finds visions of AUBREY, KEL, and HERO waiting for him. They encourage him to move forward as life will get better, and even though he did something bad, that doesn't mean he's a bad person. These visions wish him good luck and disappear. SUNNY goes up to the concert stage and plays his violin. However, he breaks down crying as the song he plays reminds him of MARI.

SUNNY is warped to WHITE SPACE, where OMORI awaits him. The two end up battling for control of SUNNY's mind. OMORI ends up overwhelming SUNNY by constantly reminding him of what he'd done to MARI and saying that he doesn't deserve forgiveness for his actions. Two possible outcomes depend on whether the player chooses to continue or to give up after losing to OMORI the first time.


Sunny is finally able to move on from Mari's death.

If SUNNY chooses to continue, he performs the duet recital with MARI, remembering the good times he's spent with MARI and his friends during his youth. OMORI accepts defeat and falls into SUNNY's arms, disintegrating and disappearing. SUNNY awakens in the HOSPITAL with a bandage over his right eye and begins crying as he finally comes to terms with MARI's death.

Stepping out of his room, SUNNY briefly hallucinates OMORI's HEADSPACE friends leaving, and STRANGER for the last time leading him to BASIL's room, before disappearing. Upon reaching the room SUNNY faces his friends and finally tells them the truth behind MARI's death.

If the player has made an effort to water BASIL'S flowers during at least one day in HEADSPACE, an additional cutscene appears after the credits. SUNNY and BASIL gaze at each other and smile as their SOMETHINGs fade away, showing that regardless of how everyone else has or will react, the burden that they have shouldered for four years has lifted, and they are both ready to move on.


Unable to accept the truth, Sunny commits suicide by jumping off the hospital's balcony.

If SUNNY chooses not to continue, he will disappear into OMORI's arms, as OMORI presumably takes control of SUNNY's mind. From there, OMORI wakes up in WHITE SPACE. As usual, he visits his friends in NEIGHBOR'S ROOM, but this time with, all of them appear to be strangely silent. They all gather, and together they head out of the door.

The scene cuts over to the HOSPITAL, where SUNNY is shown standing on its balcony. Due to being unable to accept the truth regarding MARI's death, SUNNY commits suicide by jumping off the building. As he fails to make amends to his friends and sister, SUNNY plummets endlessly to his death.


Sunny cannot escape from his own self-guilt, continuously denying the truth.

SUNNY chooses not to open the door and spends the rest of his remaining days doing chores his mother left for him. As he does these chores, he encounters the variants of SOMETHING but isn't truly able to overcome his trauma even after defeating them. He also begins repressing more memories of MARI's death as he chooses to shut himself away even more than before.

By the time OMORI arrives in BLACK SPACE, the STRANGER attempts to stop SUNNY from submerging himself further into his dream world of escapism. SUNNY tries to fight off STRANGER but fails as the shadowy figure overwhelms him, leading to him being teleported into RED SPACE, where OMORI awaits him on his throne of RED HANDS.

Seeing that his original self isn't capable of facing his ongoing fears, OMORI decides to help SUNNY once more. However, upon confronting the STRANGER again, the figure gives up on convincing SUNNY to stop his unhealthy coping mechanism. OMORI is then warped back to BLACK SPACE by a RED HAND, allowing him to rescue BASIL in the CHURCH OF SOMETHING.

Sunny resigns himself to a never-ending cycle of dreaming forever.

SUNNY eventually wakes up, only to find SOMETHING following him at every step of his house. Unable to suppress SOMETHING's presence, SUNNY succumbs further to his self-hate. If SUNNY chooses to go back to sleep, he ends up overwhelmed by his past traumatic memories.

OMORI then decides to "save" SUNNY from being entirely consumed by his trauma. From there, he assumes complete control over SUNNY's body, causing the latter to cease to exist as he resigns himself to a never-ending cycle of dreaming forever and being unable to face the truth. From there, the player can obtain only the NEUTRAL ENDINGS.


Sunny discovers Basil's corpse with his Something staring at him.

If SUNNY chooses to GO TO SLEEP in BASIL'S HOUSE after regaining his memories of the truth, an alternative series of events will occur. Upon reawakening, SUNNY finds himself alone in the living room. He heads to the hallway, only to find his friends and POLLY in the hallway, distraught over BASIL's suicide. Opening BASIL's door reveals his corpse slumped against the wall with a large hole in his abdomen represented by SOMETHING.

The only option will then be to return home. Upon doing so, a bloody and mutilated version of SUNNY stands atop the stairs. Entering SUNNY's room reveals a clump of black hair hanging over the bed. The rest of the game will then play out depending on if SUNNY picks up the knife or not before going to sleep.


Sunny leaves Faraway Town behind, unable to confront the truth.

If SUNNY chooses to resume sleeping in his bed, this will lead to a repeat of the WHITE SPACE intro scene from the start of the game. OMORI appears in WHITE SPACE as usual, but there is no door to HEADSPACE, and the light bulb is still missing.

All OMORI can do is STAB himself to wake SUNNY up. SUNNY silently meets SUNNY'S MOM in her car while SOMETHING follows him, leaving his distraught friends behind with no answers. Ambulance sirens play over the credits. An alternate version of this ending can also occur on the MOVING DAY of the OMORI ROUTE.


Sunny's body covered in blood from stabbing himself with a knife.

If SUNNY picks up the knife on the kitchen counter before heading to bed, using the STAB option in WHITE SPACE as OMORI will cause SUNNY to physically STAB himself as well.

SUNNY's answering machine continuously rings as he lays on his bed, clutching a knife into his bleeding chest. The credits roll while the answering machine ringing continues. An alternate knife ending takes place if you choose to stab after waking up on the ONE DAY LEFT of the OMORI ROUTE.



After MARI's death, SUNNY would cope by entering WHITE SPACE via a monochrome 'alter-ego' named OMORI. Through OMORI, SUNNY would live in a make-believe world where MARI was still alive and his friends were still in contact. It's worth noting that OMORI appears younger than SUNNY, keeping both the physical and mental characteristics that SUNNY had before MARI's death.

When SUNNY begins to remember and uncover the truth, his relationship with OMORI deteriorates and comes to a head when they meet face-to-face. Though OMORI is antagonistic towards SUNNY in their final battle, the words he says are assumed to be his thoughts. After the final battle, they appear to embrace, the loser of the fight disappearing. Whoever remains depends on the player deciding to continue the struggle or not.

Should the player pursue the HIKIKOMORI ROUTE, OMORI's reflection is shown in the bathroom mirror instead of SUNNY's.

"OMORI" was the name engraved on the piano that MARI played and the piano in CHURCH.


SUNNY and BASIL were childhood friends. BASIL takes more photos of SUNNY than any of the other group members and refers to him as his best friend.

SUNNY and BASIL stopped talking after MARI's death as SUNNY shut himself off from the outside world. Despite this, BASIL is still attached to SUNNY to some degree, begging him not to leave multiple[18] times[19]. He is very protective of SUNNY, even blaming his actions towards MARI on "something behind him" because he does not want to believe SUNNY could do such a thing.

His protectiveness goes as far as to be on the receiving end of bullying when AUBREY blames him for striking out faces in the pictures inside the photo book, which is later revealed to have been SUNNY's doing. Despite this protectiveness, his feelings towards SUNNY are complicated when they finally meet face-to-face. Although he protected SUNNY for years, keeping secret the circumstances of MARI's death, he is upset that SUNNY quietly disappeared in the aftermath. If the player chooses to save him, BASIL expresses appreciation that SUNNY "finally came back for me" but feels betrayed[20] that SUNNY did so just days before he is set to move away.

Basil holds himself partially responsible for what happened with MARI and is shown to be haunted by his version of SOMETHING. On DAY 3 of the NEUTRAL ENDINGS, BASIL's SOMETHING ultimately drives him to commit suicide.

Depending on the player's choices, SUNNY can save BASIL in the SUNNY ROUTE by entering his room just before he commits suicide. BASIL attacks SUNNY to get rid of his perceived "something behind you" that killed MARI instead of SUNNY. This will result in the boys being severely injured and SUNNY losing function in his right eye. Should the player continuously water BASIL's flowers in HEADSPACE, there is a SECRET ENDING in which BASIL wakes up after SUNNY tells everyone the truth. They smile at each other, and both of their SOMETHING's disappear.


KEL is one of SUNNY's childhood friends and his next-door neighbor. Although both of them grew apart after MARI's death, it is after SUNNY's house is put on sale that KEL attempted to reach out to SUNNY again.[21] Should SUNNY open the door for KEL when he knocks on DAY 1, he reacts with surprise, but immediately asks to hang out. Though they might not be as close as they were before, KEL quickly warms up to SUNNY, repeatedly insisting that they (amongst the others except for AUBREY for a while) are still friends, no matter what.

KEL trusts SUNNY a great deal, even after years of separation. At FARAWAY CEMETERY, he opens up to SUNNY, talking about how he dealt with MARI's death and its aftermath.

According to KEL, SUNNY and he would sneak out at night to go to HOBBEEZ.[22] He also says that SUNNY was the better of the two when it came to video games.[23]


AUBREY is one of SUNNY's childhood friends.[24]After SUNNY dropped out of school and became a shut-in, AUBREY changed her personality and appearance and made new friends as a result of everyone drifting apart.

If SUNNY explores FARAWAY, AUBREY is almost unrecognizable from the girl he knows in HEADSPACE. Though much has changed, it is clear that AUBREY still cares for him a lot, even if she finds it harder to express herself in the present. It is worth noting that SUNNY does not appear to say anything to AUBREY in the present, though she vainly attempts to tell him something when they are alone.[25] She can be found with HERO and KEL in BASIL's room in the GOOD ENDING.

Throughout the game, it is hinted that SUNNY may have had a crush[26] on her when they were younger, but it is unknown if these feelings remained years later and if AUBREY ever requited them.


HERO is another of SUNNY's childhood friends, being next-door neighbors to SUNNY due to being KEL's brother. During the events of the game, HERO comes back to FARAWAY TOWN and saves SUNNY and BASIL from drowning.

Although HERO and SUNNY do not interact much, SUNNY looks up to HERO through his thoughts in-game. SUNNY respects HERO and is willing to use his MONEY to buy a gift for him. SUNNY also admires HERO for his charisma and hard-working demeanor, often reacting in awe to his actions.

After MARI's death, one can presume that they did not speak in the gap between then and TWO DAYS LEFT, as SUNNY withdrew from his friends and HERO became emotionally detached. He still seems friendly and caring with SUNNY even after four years of them not talking to each other.


MARI is SUNNY's older sister. As seen in the PHOTO ALBUM and SUNNY's flashbacks, they're shown to care about each other very much.

In an incident when SUNNY was drowning in the lake at their HANGOUT SPOT, MARI immediately jumped in after him. After rescuing and resuscitating him, she collapsed and sobbed with relief.

Because MARI would spend much time practicing piano, SUNNY picked up the violin to spend more time with her. They practiced together often for the upcoming recital, though her perfectionism pushed SUNNY too hard, contributing to her untimely death.

Though her death and the circumstances surrounding it continue to haunt SUNNY, she is shown to be forgiving in the DREAM WORLD and beyond, hoping SUNNY can forgive himself and find happiness. Throughout the game, MARI's apparition often appears before both OMORI and SUNNY, offering words of consolation and comfort. When confronting SOMETHING or his fears, SUNNY can hear MARI's words of encouragement, helping him learn how to CALM DOWN, FOCUS, PERSIST, and CHERISH over the course of the game.


While she only appears once in the game, SUNNY's mom frequently leaves voicemails for her son, asking how SUNNY is doing and how his packing is going. The player can infer that she cares a lot about her son, as she knows his favorite food, STEAK, and speaks kindly to him in her voicemails. In BLACK SPACE 2, you can interact with a box that plays past dialogue from SUNNY'S MOM, saying, "There, there... SUNNY... We'll protect you... Everything will be ok..." She is the only parent that SUNNY interacts with throughout the game.


SUNNY's DAD is a character who is never shown in the game but is implied to have been in SUNNY's family until MARI's death. He is shown in the family photo that hangs in SUNNY's house, alongside the rest of SUNNY's family. Additionally, BASIL writes that he is worried SUNNY's dad may not approve of one of his pictures of MARI and HERO in his photo album due to the implication of their relationship.

Upon collecting all of the correct keys for HANGMAN in HEADSPACE, you will be able to view a scene of what is presumably SUNNY's dad attempting to cut down the tree where SUNNY and BASIL framed MARI's death. He is angry that the tree won't come down and disowns SUNNY, stating, "You are not my son." to OMORI. Through this, we see that he was the one who cut the tree in SUNNY's backyard down, and he most likely left the family because of the trauma of MARI's death.


Unlike his "alter ego" OMORI, SUNNY doesn't have the former's unique skills, as most of his fights occur in FARAWAY TOWN. He lacks OMORI's emotive potential and balanced stats, most likely due to his malnourishment and social withdrawal from his past four years as a hikikomori. SUNNY's EMOTIONS cannot go past the first tier except for AFRAID, and he cannot become HAPPY.

Due to these traits, SUNNY should primarily be used as support for healing his friends, as KEL serves as the heavy hitter of the group when using them in regular battles. However, when in the optional area of RECYCULTIST'S HQ, SUNNY serves as the heavy hitter of the group due to being capable of increasing the damage he can inflict on enemies via skills and wielding the STEAK KNIFE for the entire sequence.

SUNNY also possesses his own set of SKILLS that allows him to recover his HP, remove any emotional stats, and withstand SOMETHING's various forms he encounters throughout the game. Most of these SKILLS are learned during the respective fights against SOMETHING IN THE DARK, WALLS, and WATER. He can eventually learn how to OVERCOME the embodiment of his ongoing guilt if the player is on the SUNNY ROUTE of the game.

SUNNY's power reaches its absolute peak once he decides to accept the truth, regain possession of his violin, and move on from MARI's death in the SUNNY ROUTE. His stats drastically increase during his climactic fight against OMORI on ONE DAY LEFT. In addition, he learns a new batch of powerful SKILLS consisting of ALLEGRO, ENCORE, and CHERISH. These skills are essential to help SUNNY come to terms with the past and face the present.


ATTACK* (There is no description for this SKILL.) (Attack x 2 - Foe's defense)
Attack (Omori).gif
Sunny Attack (Hand).gif
Sunny Attack (Something).gif
Sunny Attack (Violin).gif
GUARD Acts first, reducing damage taken by 50% for 1 turn.
Costs MP.png 0 JUICE.
CALM DOWN Removes EMOTIONS and heals some HEART.
Costs MP.png 0 JUICE.
(User's Max HP x 0.5) Calm Down (Sunny).gif Encountering SOMETHING (DARK)
FOCUS SUNNY's next attack (multiplied by 2.5) deals more damage.
Costs MP.png 0 JUICE.
NONE Focus (Sunny).gif Encountering SOMETHING (WALLS)
PERSIST HEART cannot reach 0 for 1 turn. (Heals 20 HEART)
Costs MP.png 0 JUICE.
NONE Persist (Sunny).gif Encountering SOMETHING (WATER)
OVERCOME Gather all your courage.
Costs MP.png 0 JUICE.
NONE Overcome (Sunny).gif Encountering SOMETHING
ALLEGRO Attack 3 times.
Costs 19 MP.png JUICE.
(Foe's Max HP x 0.15 + Attack x 1 - defense) Allegro (Sunny).gif Encountering OMORI
ENCORE Your JUICE will not fall for 3 turns.
Costs MP.png 0 JUICE.
NONE Encore (Sunny).png Encountering OMORI
CHERISH Heal your wounds and come back stronger. Acts first, fully restoring SUNNY's HEART, removing all of his debuffs and increasing his stats.
Costs MP.png 0 JUICE.
NONE Cherish (Sunny).png Encountering OMORI

*Sunny has four different variations of his attack skill:

  • The first one (Knife) is used when he is equipped with the Steak Knife when fighting Aubrey.
  • The second one (Hand) is his normal attack animation after Kel confiscated his knife.
  • The third one (Something) is used when confronting Basil on One Day Left.
  • The final one (Violin) is used when fighting Omori on One Day Left.


HANDS 0 0 +2 0 0 0 95 NONE
STEAK KNIFE 0 0 +30 0 0 0 25 NONE
FLY SWATTER 0 0 +1 0 0 0 1000 NONE
VIOLIN (Broken) 0 0 +1 0 0 0 1000 NONE
VIOLIN (Repairing) 0 0 +8 0 0 0 1000 NONE
VIOLIN (Repaired) 0 0 +14 0 0 0 1000 NONE



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The data table shows SUNNY's raw stats without any item bonuses. Note that all playable FARAWAY characters only remain at LEVEL 1 as they cannot properly level up in-game.

In addition, SUNNY cannot unequip any weapon he has currently equipped in the menu system. This means that his initial ATTACK and HIT stats will increase depending on his combat weapon. Equipping the CHIMERA KEYCHAIN or SEASHELL NECKLACE can slightly increase some of SUNNY's stats.

SUNNY'S STATS (No Weapons/Charms/Boosts)
1 HP.png 80 MP.png 30 7 2 6 5 75


Sunny Defeated (No Background).gif

The table below lists SUNNY's raw stats exclusive to the OMORI boss fight on the SUNNY ROUTE. When facing off against his "alter ego", SUNNY's stats will drastically increase due to a common event titled ★ Omori Battle Level ★ in the game's data.

In addition, SUNNY's HEART, ATTACK, DEFENSE, and SPEED all take a drastic boost once he finishes playing his violin within the BACKSTAGE after going through the MEMORY LANE. The SEASHELL NECKLACE also retains its effects, increasing HEART and JUICE for the final battle if it is equipped.[28]

1 HP.png 300 MP.png 30 46 72 66 5 1075













  • SUNNY's EMOTION stats cannot go past the first tier except for AFRAID. It is also shown in the game's data that he is immune to the HAPPY EMOTION status.
  • In some of the game's files, SUNNY is referred to as FA_OMORI.
  • SUNNY's favorite food, according to SUNNY'S MOM, is STEAK.[29] This references Ness, the main protagonist of the 1994 Super NES game Earthbound, as his favorite food by default is also steak.
Sunny Pigtails (Unused).png
  • In the game's early development stages, the developers planned[30] that the player could change SUNNY's gender between male and female. This feature would be scrapped later, most likely due to how it would require much more work to add additional sprites for SUNNY's overworld animations.
  • There was originally an option where SUNNY could change his uniform depending on his job in FARAWAY TOWN. However, the only uniform SUNNY can wear is the one for the GINO'S pizza minigame.
  • SUNNY is the only playable character to have two different NEUTRAL battle portraits. The one with his eyes opened is used for regular battles, whereas the one with his eyes closed is used for unique battles. These consist of the encounters against the three fear bosses, SOMETHING and OMORI.
  • SUNNY and MARI traded beds when the latter realized he had trouble falling asleep.[31]
  • SUNNY would sleep in MARI's bed with her when he had nightmares.[32]
  • If the player chooses to name SUNNY "OMOCAT" during the PROLOGUE, this will yield the You think you're clever, huh... achievement, a nod to the leading creator of the game.
Sunny Dead (Knife Ending).png
  • OMORI's influence causes SUNNY to commit similar actions in his sleep to those in HEADSPACE. Should SUNNY bring a knife with him to bed in one of the NEUTRAL ENDINGS, OMORI stabbing himself in WHITE SPACE will result in SUNNY stabbing himself in reality.
    • It's also possible that this was how SUNNY vandalized the PHOTO ALBUM, leading to the ongoing friction between AUBREY and BASIL during and before the game's events.
      • This is evident on a MIXED ROUTE where SUNNY doesn't answer KEL knocking on the door on TWO DAYS LEFT despite answering the day before. Rechecking the PHOTO ALBUM on the ONE DAY LEFT segment after waking up will reveal the photos scribbled in black marker once again.
  • SUNNY bears a striking resemblance to a character created by OMOCAT in 2012, dubbed SICKBOY. SICKBOY has four known artworks, with the character's first being edited and sold as a shirt.
    • Furthermore, there is evidence of SICKBOY being a possible version of SUNNY. SICKBOY's mask patterns and brain made out of snakes reappear in artwork featuring OMORI. SICKBOY is also seen being associated with pianos, as an artwork made for the show TWO TONES depicts the character playing one.
    • The COUGH MASK item given by ABBI could also serve as a reference SICKBOY.
Placeholder NPC Sprite (Dev Test).png
  • In the game's files, there is an NPC resembling what appears to be a HEADSPACE version of SUNNY wearing a FLOWER CROWN. The developers most likely used this NPC for various testing purposes during the game's development.[33]
  • SUNNY has an unused early version of his in-game portrait stored in MARI's sprite sheet. This was originally going to be used in an unused cutscene version meant for the GOOD ENDING.[34]


  1. PHOTO ALBUM: 7/20 - SUNNY'S BIRTHDAY: Yay! SUNNY is turning 12 today! Even though me, SUNNY, AUBREY, and KEL are in the same school year, SUNNY is younger than all of us.
  3. AUBREY: I've been thinking about this since I saw you, but I think you're looking kind of pale... and kind of thin, too.
    AUBREY: After you move, promise me you'll go outside more often, okay?
  4. SUNNY: A warm fireplace.
    My baby pictures are over the mantle. I don't like to smile... not even in photos.
  5. PHOTO ALBUM: SUNNY is a little shy, but he's a really good listener. I always end up venting to him when I get upset or stressed. Sometimes I feel like I'm bothering him, but he never seems to mind.
  6. HERO: Yeah SUNNY, you still remember, right? You always had a great memory.
  7. LOST LIBRARY: Water fills his nose. He exerts his limbs, but the water is stronger. He's too weak, too helpless... or that is what he believes.
  8. OMORI: People like you don't deserve to live.
  9. 9.0 9.1 PHOTO ALBUM: Photo of an Argument - MARI was yelling at you. You couldn't understand what she was saying. She didn't understand you at all... She didn't understand that you just weren't good enough.
  10. OMORI: When do you think about others? How long are you going to let people take care of you? You say you care but you're a liar. You've never done anything for anyone else. You're useless... less than useless. You're sick.
  11. LOST LIBRARY: His mind drifted elsewhere... into his own worlds, his own stories, his own adventures. He had a habit of doing this. It was easy for him to get lost.
  12. SUNNY's memory in MEMORY LANE of receiving his new violin
  13. LOST LIBRARY excerpt: ▢ looks at the clock. 8:00AM. Two hours left. He would be able to watch with everyone else until 10:00AM, when his tutor arrives. ▢ grimaces. What he thought would be a rewarding hobby has been nothing more than a nuisance. Instead of watching the shows with the rest of his friends, he'll be the only one to miss out. If only he could watch the last hour with everyone else. If only he didn't have to play the violin...
  14. PHOTO ALBUM: Photo of a Broken Violin - Your precious violin lay shattered at the bottom of the staircase. You threw it in a rage. Your fingers were shaking in pain... practicing over and over... but you still make mistakes after mistakes. This was all a bad idea.
  15. PHOTO ALBUM: Photo of a Fight - MARI blocked your path. She says that she isn't finished talking.
  16. PHOTO ALBUM: Photo of an Accomplice - You pick up Mari and drag her up the stairs. She feels lighter than you think. She just needs to lie down in a bed... She just needs some rest...
    Photo of Anguish - You call her name over and over, but she doesn't answer. You watch the light from the window cast a shadow over her face. She's expressionless. You sink your fingers into her arm, and break down into tears.
  17. AUBREY: After SUNNY stopped coming to school... I saw BASIL sitting alone during lunch...
  18. BASIL: W..Wait... P-Please, SUNNY... Don't leave me... Not again...
  19. BASIL: Where are you going!? Stop trying to leave me!
  20. BASIL: After all this time... you've finally come back for me. BASIL: But... tomorrow... you're going away. BASIL: H-HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!?!?
  21. MOM'S VOICEMAIL: KEL has been trying really hard to get a hold of you ever since we put our house up for sale. He's been calling us every week for the past few months! He seems a little lonely... Maybe you should pay him a visit.
  22. KEL: Do you remember when we were kids, me and you used to sneak out of the house to go to HOBBEEZ in the middle of the night?
    KEL: We could never get up for school on time the next morning, and HERO and MARI would always ask why would looked so tired.
    KEL: I'm sure they suspected something, but I'm glad they never told our moms...
    KEL: We were pretty adventurous back then, huh? Haha...
  23. KEL: You were always the one who was good at video games anyway!
    I guess you're the same old SUNNY after all!
  24. AUBREY: You know... Before we met, I had a lot of trouble fitting in...
    AUBREY: Even after we all became friends... I always assumed you were going to leave me eventually.
    AUBREY: But... when the others were busy doing things... you always seemed to have time for me.
    AUBREY: You would listen to me talk for hours and hours... I could always rely on you to do that.
  25. AUBREY: Hey, SUNNY... When you move away... Do you think it'd be too much trouble if you could-
    AUBREY: ... A-Actually, nevermind... It's nothing.
  26. BASIL: You always ask to look at my photo whenever I take any pictures of AUBREY. Do I... maybe... sense a little crush?
    You feel your ears turning red...
  27. According to RPG Maker MV, SUNNY is the only playable character to have an initial HIT data set for him, that being a HIT RATE of 75%. The other playable characters have a default HIT RATE of 0%, making their HIT 0 unless they equip a specific weapon that boosts their HIT RATE.
  28. Battling OMORI with the SEASHELL NECKLACE
  29. Hi, SUNNY! This is a note from MOMMY.
    I left some food in the fridge for you downstairs.
    It's STEAK... your favorite!
    Love you, XOXO.
  31. SUNNY: A very, very comfortable bed...
    It used to be MARI's, but she switched with me when she noticed I had trouble sleeping.
  32. SUNNY: MARI's bed... Mine too when I had nightmares.
  33. This NPC can be found in the file titled DEV_TEST alongside a NPC representation of OMOCAT and Archeia (one of the co-developers for OMORI). The Archeia NPC was briefly used for the 2018 demo within a hidden room in the SPROUT MOLE COLONY.


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